How to Press Tofu

Pressing tofu is so important to get that perfect texture.  You want to squeeze out all of the liquid, and then the tofu can easily absorb the flavor you give it as well as cook nice.

You can purchase an actual tofu press. It will save paper-towels and I’m sure be a lot easier. But if you’re wanting to make a tofu recipe NOW, then  this tutorial will help.


So, I press my tofu the old fashion way and I will share with you my way so you can try this at home if you like.

First, line a plate with some paper towels.

Next, place your tofu on top.  They can either be cubed, or the whole tofu, it doesn’t matter.


Place more paper towels on top.


Top with another plate.


Then, place some weight on top. I usually use heavy books, but use whatever you have!


After 30 minutes, I check on the tofu and sometimes swap out the paper towels for some dry ones and let it press for another 15-30 minutes.  The cubed tofu will be done faster than whole tofu, so use your best judgement.

Then, volia! Your tofu is ready for cooking.


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